About Joanne Jaworski

Joanne-Banner-faviconJoanne Jaworski is a True Authentic Power Success Coach and a contributing author of the Amazon Best Seller “Ready, Aim, Influence!”.  Her specialty is educating and empowering clients by using their own energy and subconscious mind (without hypnosis), to release negative beliefs and emotions that were formed usually very early in life. Joanne did not go looking for this career. Instead it found her!

Joanne spent 15 successful years in corporate sales working with national accounts, she studied with a Naturopathic Doctor, studied Herbology, took a certified Herbalist class, trained in the use of an Electro Dermal Screening device, is Reiki Level 1 Certified, and then became very proficient in Meridian Tapping. She has also explored or learned about magnets, BodyTalk, Healing Touch, Crystals, Essential Oils, Massage, and Acupuncture. In her experience and opinion, she saw Meridian Tapping produce the most amazing results and that became her new focus.


Her story

Joanne discovered the power and transformation of Tapping when she experienced a series of energetic “disruptions” in her own life. Her journey began in 1998, when her mother came home on a Monday having spent a month rehabilitating from five-way bypass surgery, and her father passed away suddenly, on Friday of the same week. Joanne nursed her very weak mother back to health and became the “go to” person for her every need.  Joanne developed asthma & bronchitis at the same time, even though she had never had either health issue before.  Why now?  Why did she developed these all of the sudden?  It would be years later till she would discover that the chest area, is often times a holding place for grief and sadness.  Her father had just died….

In 2003, Joanne developed breast cancer. She never really had time to process her own grief about her father’s death because her mom needed so much attention. For those that aren’t aware, the chest area is often a place where the body holds grief and sadness. This “dis-ease” became a huge warning sign to Joanne. Her health regimen included a biopsy/lumpectomy, a second surgery to remove lymph nodes and five months of chemo and radiation treatments. While being treated, and intuitively knowing and feeling that there was more to the story of this illness, Joanne began her quest for finding alternative healing methods.

In 2004-2006, Joanne’s mom suffered with Candida related, severe, re-occurring urinary tract infections that led to several hospital stays, lots of worry, and the additional responsibilities of an aging parent with deteriorating health. After many complications, her mom eventually became bed bound and Joanne took on complete responsibility for overseeing her care and property.

In 2005, Joanne’s sweetheart and companion of 20 years, Ray, was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer (Multiple Myeloma).  It was during Ray’s diagnosis time and while searching for solutions, that Joanne was introduced to EFT/Meridian Tapping. As Ray’s disease progressed, he became bed bound as well. Joanne found herself saddled with the caretaking of both loved ones in her own home.

Joanne understands first-hand how overwhelming and stressful it feels to watch the people you love experience the trauma of severe illness while dealing with your own emotions and feelings of helplessness, fear, and exhaustion.

Joanne’s mom and Ray died within a year of each other. She was left mentally and physically depleted and having to face life newly without her core family and support system. Joanne knew the layers of negative emotional experiences had caused the physical changes in her own body and that EFT could heal her negative memories and the unresolved issues that were likely the cause of her own dis-ease. Joanne researched, trained and honed her skills as a Meridian Tapping practitioner while working with her own practitioner to remove her symptoms and heal herself.

Joanne has a growing Meridian Tapping practice with clients across the US, and an abundant life filled with gratitude.  Joanne knows how devastating traumatic events can be, but she also knows how the mind and body can heal and thrive after them through the benefits and remarkable results of Tapping!


Fun & Interesting Facts About Joanne

Along with helping clients release their stuck limiting beliefs, emotions and subconscious patterns, fulfill their goals and dreams. Joanne Jaworski…

  • Was a part time big band singer several years ago, and recently returned to singing jazz/standards. Every year she enjoys the Rochester International Jazz Festival in June.
  • Took 2 years of piano lessons, 7 years of tap & ballet and still loves multiple styles of dance.
  • Loves canoeing, and swimming in the lake at Adirondack Lodge. Joanne helped her parents run their summer resort (an old hunting and fishing lodge). While there, she did all the baking, cleaning, & waitressing!
  • Has a B.S. degree in Food Administration from R.I.T. but hates to cook and has never used her degree in her field!
  • Is a contributing author to the book, Ready, Aim, Influence! In the first week of its release, Ready, Aim, Influence! was a #1 International Bestseller in 3 Countries, #1 Hottest New Release, and #2 Top Rated Book!  The book is an essential guide revealing crucial leadership techniques, motivational secrets, and proven formulas, as well as the life-changing moments of 79 top visionaries and experts, including Carlos Slim, the World’s Richest Man.

Ready, Aim, Influence! by Viki Winterton